Orchids and Blooming

Orchids and Blooming plants are a great way to show simple sophistication in even the most contemporary or formal room setting. You can use them to accent sunrooms to give a "green thumb" appeal or drop them off in the darkest corner of a space to bring in a little illumination. FAO carries a number of "blooming plants" that have an incredible and authentic look– just don’t water them!


122013-706 ORP-WH-7 28X20X20 215

122313-701 ORP-RU-7 26X22X22 218

010314-606 COCTGR-6 30X19X17 286

040914-1201 ORP-PI-12 55X24X18 R 405

122313-129 BOT-RED-12 26X9X9 114

122313-127 BOT-WH-12 26X9X9 108
108-633 ORP-NE108-633 ORP-NE
27X11X10 102
208-633 ORP-NE208-633 ORP-NE
26X13X8 72
1210-609 ORP-NE1210-609 ORP-NE
32X21X12 125
1209-201 ORP-NE1209-201 ORP-NE
16X9X9 92